Top Reasons to Have Sex

When two psychologists from University of Texas decided to conduct a study on why people have sex, they may not have expected the answers to be so many or even, so funny. The logic behind the study was that, if the top reasons why people have sex could be identified then these reasons could help the following:

  • Doctors and sex professionals who treat sexual problems
  • In busting existing myths of why people have sex
  • In devising a better program for safe sex

The study was conducted in two parts. The first part identified the reasons why people have sex and the second part ranked the reasons according to their popularity.

The psychologists were surprised by the many different reasons that people gave for having sex 237 total. The ones which were predictable included a desire to please the partner, to celebrate an occasion and a realization that the person was in love. Then there were answers that were very surprising like it was a bet among friends or I had sex in return for drugs. An answer that shocked researchers the most was when a person admitted to having sex with someone because they wanted to transmit a sexual disease.

The research concluded that there were not a lot of differences between the reasons why men have sex and the reasons why women have sex. The top reason in both cases was being attracted to someone. Other common top 10 reasons included, that it was fun, they were expressing their love and quite frankly, they were feeling horny.

The study removed the misconception that men are mostly after physical pleasure while women seek love. The findings reported that this was not true at all. Although it did reveal the very common belief that men are slightly more opportunistic toward having sex than women.

The study has been applauded as a fantastic source of knowledge in the field of sexual psychology. It has also received enormous response online and people are offering their own reason no. 238 of why they have sex to the existing list.